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Manufacture & Rent LED Screens - Rent & Sell Lighting, Truss & Stage Stuff

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We rent lights, yes… but, so much more too! We have and are continuing to build an arsenal of unique event rental items. Concerts, Weddings, Corporate events, Theater, Retail & many more have found our offerings to be thoughtful, impactful and innovative.

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EyeCandyLED Screens

We manufacture LED Screens right here in the USA… we are forced to purchase LED’s from overseas, but all our assembly, other parts and pieces whenever possible, are done here in America. Click to see our innovative way to provide you with LED screen products.

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EyeCandyLED Production

We love live production! We offer a full range of incredible light fixtures to meet any of your needs. Our 2 rig setup lets us offer small to large productions in more than 1 location. Our rental stock is not part of our light rigs so we are always prepared.

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